Writing Core of an Essay

Now look this is one mistake which 90% of the students commit when writing essay and I tell you what that mistake is now for example let’s say you are given an essay women empowerment so what the students do is let’s say this is an essay they will start writing so let’s say theyRead More

Lucky or Smart? by Bo Peabody

Book Title: Lucky or Smart? Author: Bo Peabody   Bo Peabody’s story which takes us from potentially unemployed “B” student university graduate to multi-millionaire, is the main reason that “Lucky or Smart?” deserves to be a part of the library of anyone who has ever contemplated a business start-up.   Peabody was the driving forceRead More


Olympic Level Greatness and Your Job Search

After watching the Winter Olympics and marveling at the level of athletic excellence displayed by the athletes over the past few weeks, I got to thinking about what job seekers can learn from these amazing athletes. Time after time the difference between earning a metal or not ranking came down to superb coaching, practice andRead More

More Gothic Imagery

So far there have been two attempted murders in this book and lots of mayhem. When Mrs. Fairfax shows Jane the third floor, she describes it as like “a corridor in some Bluebeard’s castle.” In what ways do the plot, setting, and imagery of this novel seem gothic (at this point in your reading)? InRead More

Jane’s Psychological Double – Bertha

A theory that is often applied to nineteenth century and Victorian literature is that of the psychological double. This is a term for a character that embodies the unacceptable or repressed side of another character. Gilbert and Gubar, and others, have suggested that Bertha is the psychological double, “the secret self” of Jane. This isn’tRead More

Gothic Imagery in Jane Eyre

Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre is not a typical love story. In fact, it is considered a very typical novel of gothic literature, dealing with a degenerate character, usually the main male character (Rochester), restored by a pure heroic character, usually the main woman character (Jane); and they usually come from aberrant and twisted family situations.Read More